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about bikereykjavik

Bike Reykjavik is a Bike Tour Company

About us

Bike Reykjavik is a Bike Tour Company that offers tours around Reykjavík on all kinds of trails.. Our Guides are all locals, dedicated riders, with broad knowledge of Reykjavík and surrounding area. On our tours we use electric bikes, making our experience suitable for all level of riders and non experienced moutian bike riders.

We both offer scheduled day tours with two daily departures and custom-made day tours upon request.

We care about nature and therefore we stick to trails. There are plenty of options on where to go, since the capital area is sourrounded by beautiful nature.  

Join us for a ride, you won’t regret it.

About your mountain bike tour guide in Iceland

My name is Ingi and I am the main guide in Bike Reykjavik. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. Most of my life I have been biking in Iceland, mainly on my mountain bike. I started when I lived in a suburb of Reykjavik. And I started to go outside to build my own single-track, close to my home. But when I started to get older I started to go further away from home to mountain bike in this wonderful nature of Iceland. 


I´m a member of the Ice-Sar team in Iceland which is the search and rescue team in Iceland. I have been a member from 2014. So when you are riding with Bike Reykjavik we will always have safety in mind and staying on the track, because the environment does matter to use.


So if you are wondering what to do in Reykjavik please have Bike Reykjavik in mind.