The wonderland of Heiðmörk | Mountain Biking Iceland

Fat-BIke tour through heiðmörk

Highlights & overview of the tour

Join us on this amazing mountain bike tour through Heiðmörk (Heidmork natures reserve) that is one of the most popular outdoor area on the Reykjavik area. There is a lot of path to walk or bike through. Heiðmörk is proclaimed a municipal conservation area of Reykjavik. Is is located southeast of Elliðavatn and it is about 10 km from the city of Reykjavik. Heiðmörk is Reykjavik´s water reservoirs and drinking water wells are located.In Heiðmörk you can find at least 150 wild flower species and more than 60 species of wild birds. There have been planted over 4 million trees there since 1950 and the most prominet tree is the Sitka Spruce. Since opening of Heiðmörk pioneers have been working there. At first 50 strips of land were alloted to these groups of pioneers and each group had up to 1-5 ha to plant trees.

Practical information: Bike Reykjavik provides mountain bike´s (fat-bike) and a helmet. If have your biking clothes with you, use them, if not dress like you are going hiking. Layers are good, good shoes. Then you are ready to Joi