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Reykjavik trails tour

Highlights & overview of the tour

Take a mountain bike tour with us on a electric fatbike through the Reykjavik Trails with local people on the city mountain bike trails. We start by meeting in Nauthólsvik and start with the local mountain bike trails in the city of Reykjavík 

In the beginning of the tour we go through Fossvogsdalur to Elliðaárdalur where we see the salmon river Elliðaá that runs throw Reykjavik and from there we head back and on our way we go to Öskjuhlíð where we look at the trails there.

Practical information: Bike Reykjavik provides mountain bike’s (fatbike) and a helmet. If have your biking clothes with you, use them, if not dress like you are going hiking. Layers are good, good shoes. Then you are ready to go.